Benefits of 360 life - A2 Gir Cow Ghee for Babies

Benefits of A2 Gir Cow Ghee for Babies

A developing newborn needs around 1500 calories per day in total. The child’s food intake accounts for around 30% of his or her daily caloric intake. The traces of Vitamin E helps in the growth and development of the baby. These calories support the infant’s development in terms of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

The nutrient-dense A2 milk of Gir cows is used to make A2 cow ghee in 360 Life Goshala, one of the greatest sources of linoleic acid. Maximum nutrients are preserved since processing heat is kept to a minimum. It satisfies the body’s daily nutritional needs by including all the necessary macro and micronutrients. The natural qualities of A2 ghee aid infants in battling the common cold and flu. By boosting immunity, it also improves vision. Additionally, the fat-soluble vitamins included in ghee, such as vitamins C, E, and K, aid in enhancing children’s bone density and overall health. In addition to being a plentiful source of antioxidants, essential vitamins including B2, B12, B6, Omega-3, and Omega-9 fatty acids, and healthful amino acids.

India’s usage of ghee is supported by both mythical and empirical justifications. However, physicians worldwide have also claimed that when compared to butter, A2 cow ghee is given the highest importance when feeding children.A2 cow Ghee, which is rich in flavor and fat, helps newborns develop strength and immunity as they grow. The advantages of ingesting ghee for newborns are listed below.

Health Benefits of A2 Gir Cow Ghee in Babies

Baby Massage: The natural moisturizing qualities of A2 Gir cow ghee helps in keeping your baby’s skin healthy, soft, and smooth. Massage done with A2 gir cow ghee is best for the baby’s physical health. It helps to strengthen the bones and muscle development.

Moisturizing: A2 cow gir ghee is excellent for wintertime dry skin, which is frequently observed in newborns. Baby’s skin rashes and discomfort from this dry skin might make them uncomfortable. A2 gir cow Ghee helps baby’s skin be smoother by acting as a natural moisturizer.

Good for Lactose intolerant babies: A2 gir Cow ghee from 360 Life Goshala is 100% Pure without impurities, it is a better option for babies than other dairy products. A2 ghee also has A2 beta-casein protein that helps the baby to increase its immune system.

Strong Bones: The vitamin K in A2 cow ghee helps the body produce calcium, which is in charge of fortifying the bones.

Energy: A significant amount of calories are required for a developing newborn to embark on cosmic exploration. Your baby’s best buddy when it comes to supplying energy is A2 Gir cow ghee if they are always on the go. A2 gir cow ghee is another term for a superfood.

Weight Gain: The majority of moms fret over their child’s underweight condition. Although each child is unique, A2 Gir cow ghee is the answer if you’re seeking something to assist your child in putting on weight. Saturated fats can aid in the baby’s weight increase, and it’s a good method to acquire them.

Cough and Cold Treatment: Due to seasonal changes, newborns continue to have frequent coughs and colds. Instead of resorting to medications, massage your child with warmed A2 gir cow ghee that has been mixed with a few garlic, cloves. Your baby’s cough and cold will be relieved by this. A2 gir cow Ghee that is from 360 life Goshala can be applied nasally. If your baby has a severe cold or cough, you should add two drops of A2 ghee and very gently warm it. This works really well. then, A2 cow ghee may be applied to the navel. Every vein in the baby’s body will get it. This works really well.

Cognitive Development: The DHA, choline, and sphingolipids in A2 gir cow ghee are essential for the brain and cognitive development of infants.

Cures Eczema: Itchy skin and eczema are common in children, particularly during the first year. One of the main advantages of ghee that Ayurveda suggests is using A2 gir cow ghee from 360 life Goshala orally to treat certain skin disorders in infants.

The ideal time to introduce A2 Ghee to a baby’s diet is when a baby becomes 6 months old, then A2 ghee is added to their diet. Additionally, newborns can be given a teaspoon of ghee mixed into khichdi or veggies. Every newborn has a unique development trajectory

At 360 Life Goshala, our A2 gir Cow Ghee is obtained from the highly nutritious A2 milk of original gir cows. These cows are raised in a cruelty-free manner without the use of any hormonal injections, chemicals, additives, or preservatives. All of our Gir cows are grass-fed on multiple acres of lush green farmlands. They are also extremely cared by caretakers at Goshala. We are committed in making the A2 gir cow ghee purest and safest for consumption as well as high in nutritional value.