1. Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver anywhere within Hyderabad/Twin Cities.

2. What is the delivery process like?

Ordered products are promptly delivered via two-wheeler or any suitable mode of transport.

3. What are your delivery/shipping charges?

We don't impose additional delivery charges for both B2B & B2C orders.

4. How to identify organic products?

Our organic products are certified by reputable authorities like FSSAI and Jaivik Bharat, whose logos are displayed on our pouches.

5. How do you keep the products fresh?

We utilize a cold room facility when necessary to ensure product freshness.

6. How shall I trust it is really organic?

Our products are certified organic by SGS with NPOP accreditation, guaranteeing 100% organic integrity.

7. What are the benefits of Organic Food?

Organic food is chemical-free, healthier, and more nutritious.

8. Does Organic food taste better?

Yes, it's renowned for its superior taste and nutritional value.

9. Is online Payment safe with 360 Life Organic?

Absolutely, online payments with 360 Life Organic are secure.

10. What kind of products do you offer?

We offer a wide range of organic groceries including rice, oils, dals, dry fruits, spices, and millets.

11. What are the payment modes?

We accept UPI, all major credit & debit cards, and also offer cash on delivery for your convenience.