In today’s profit-centric business world, this organization stands out by being more people-centric and is focusing on improving the wellness of peoples overall lifestyle (be it food or home) in an organic way.


360life is an innovative new-age organization with a vision that embraces the entire ecosystem.

Enlightened Living – luxury residences that enrich and elevate the human experience &

Enlightened Wellness – pure, nutritious and Vedic-science based wellness & home products.

Built on the principles of vedic philosophy, 360life offers a holistic approach where a rich heritage inspires. 360life organics is an organic products store offering products like Traditional & Wholesome Food, Ayurveda/ Siddha Medicines & Supplements, Natural Body Care products, Herbal Incense and much more.


While at 360 Life, ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge converge to offer you a holistic life and lifestyle, taking care of all of this. So that the 5 senses are satisfied, and physical, mental & emotional health is boosted to enable a happy and healthy mind.


All experts warn us about the dangers of modern, processed food and speak about how organic food can have a positive effect on us. Given its importance, we take special care to keep our farms & farming methods completely organic and rooted in ancient Indian philosophy.

Our farms also have thoroughbred indigenous breeds of cows, whose milk is renowned to be the best for human wellbeing.

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